Data Processing
Aniva Data as a data processing company specializes in different services related to data entry, data processing and data conversion for various industry verticals. …
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Imaging & OCR
With the changing global trend on converting paper source to electronic format, many organizations are making use of new OCR/ICR or optical/intelligent character …
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Contact Center
Although industry behaviors differ , basic customer requirements for contact center services still remain the same; These include Informative & Pleasant Interactions, …
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Data Entry
Managing loads of data and extracting the right kind of information can be quite tedious at times. If put in electronic format through reliable Data Entry Services…
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Data Management
Aniva Data offers a complete variety of web research solutions to different industries and businesses. Our Expertise in knowledge management and web research services …
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Banking & Finance

Banking and Financial Services across the globe are heavily using third parties to carry out their back end business activities that they would normally have undertaken on their own. … Know More



Over the past few years we have seen significant change in the global healthcare sector. Technology dependency has increased, preponderance of quality over cost and the  … Know More



Insurers are faced with multi-pronged issues like shrinking margins, short product lifecycles, mounting customer expectations and the effects of ever-changing regulations…. Know More



Media & Communication

The Media and communication industry covers traditional media such as newspaper, television and radio. New media includes online and other interactive media. It also … Know More




Payroll Management has evolved as a complex function for enterprises across the world. Anivadata provides user friendly, dependable and cost effective payroll process … Know More



Transport and Logistics

The need for a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution in Shipping and Logistics as a strategy to improve efficiencies, and reduce cost of operations is well known. … Know More

Our Application Development practice specializes in services that span the full software development lifecycle. Through our commitment to superior customer service and a personal dedication to helping our clients achieve success, we maintain high customer satisfaction while Consistently delivering high-quality outcomes.XYZDirector, XYZ Technology
We use state-of-the-art technology along with our in-depth understanding of business processes to deliver customized solutions in the field of Internet related services that reflect the need of your organization.,
Aniva Data Services factor in these base requirements into all our contact center processes by deploying customer-focused operations to drive customer satisfaction metrics across every process.,